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From Business to Sales to Relationships to Mindset, M'Lisa Will Light Up Any Event & Give Your Attendees Actionable Insights to Win at All Facets of Life 

Along with her extensive background in adult education and teaching at a University, Esthetics School, and private in-person courses, M'Lisa is an accomplished public speaker.


As Seen At...

Bryght Sales, Bryght Results

M'Lisa spoke with her husband, Royal, at this in-person event in Vancouver, British Columbia, hosted with Bryght, to help the audience improve sales techniques, sales confidence, and overcome limiting sales mindsets.


M'Lisa and Royal have spoken at the LashConference twice, covering how to create online and in-person courses that sell, as well as how to break free of perfectionism in order to increase revenue.

Front Desk Accelerator

At this in-person, two-day workshop hosted by Spa Strong®, M'Lisa and Royal taught everything an effective front desk staff member needs to know and do for service-based businesses.

Client Attraction Workshop

At this in-person, two-day workshop hosted by Spa Strong®, M'Lisa and Royal taught service-based business owners how to effectively market their services to attract their Ideal Client and increase revenue.

Envision Sales Masterclass

At this virtual masterclass hosted with Heather Marianna of Beauty Brand Coaching, M'Lisa and Royal discussed retail sales techniques, fact finding, and overcoming sales objections


M'Lisa and Royal spoke at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference about increasing client retention to build a more sustainable business with predictable income.

Medical Spa Training

M'Lisa and Royal presented business-building techniques to help dentists transitioning into the medical spa industry understand how to market luxury services as opposed to essential services. 

Pretty Ambitious Summit

At this virtual summit, M'Lisa and Royal shared effective techniques to increase client retention, customer service, and position your business as the number one choice amongst potential clients. 

Beauty Business Conference

At this virtual summit, M'Lisa and Royal spoke on the importance of selecting appropriate prices for your products and services, not discounting to try to attract clients, and how to maintain profitability. 

Empower Her

At this virtual summit, M'Lisa and Royal gave actionable steps to start a service-based business from scratch and set it on the path to success from day one. 

Professional Product Summit

At this virtual summit hosted by Spa Strong®, M'Lisa and Royal shared techniques for increasing retail sales and not being afraid to solve customers' problems with effective retail solutions. 

The Spa Strong® Summit

At this virtual summit, hosted by Spa Strong®, M'Lisa and Royal spoke about increasing confidence and sales, and how to get noticed by your Ideal Client. 

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As a professional public speaker, M'Lisa will bring an engaging, entertaining, and valuable presentation to your attendees. Her expertise includes topics pertaining to the entire ACRE Method™ (client attraction, conversion, retention, and business expansion), mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs, healthy relationships, and more.

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