It's  Time  To  Get  Out

Of  Your  Own  Way

Find Your Potential

It's Time To Get Out

Of Your Own Way

Find Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential In Business and Life... Free From Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, and People-Pleasing!

I help Entrepreneurs & Driven Individuals:

  • Decrease insecurity and increase visibility
  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs to overcome a fear of sales and revenue
  • Recognize their value even if they're new to their industry
  • Learn from failures to see wins moving forward
  • Unlock their potential to reach their goals and live higher quality lives
  • And so much more!

3 Ways To Breakthrough


With three podcasts designed to help you thrive in business & life, you'll find plenty of actionable resources to transform your mindset and revenue!

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You lead a multi-faceted life and deserve to win at each of those facets. From business to mindset to relationships, these books will help you build the life you want!

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Public Speaking

As an international public speaker, M'Lisa will bring the energy & message you need to make your attendees need to make your next event the most impactful yet!

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From Homeless to Seven-Figures.

Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism Almost Stopped Me From Becoming Who I Am Today... Are They Stopping You, Too?

M'Lisa is an entrepreneur, international business consultant and public speaker, author, and educator who has worked in sales since 2005 and opened her first business in 2013.

After living in her car twice, losing 6-figures in poor business deals, and nearly giving up on her entrepreneurial dreams because of limiting beliefs and negative mindset, M'Lisa knew the only way she could change her situation was to change herself.

Since dedicating herself to transforming her view of who she is and the value she brings, M'Lisa has built a 7-figure consulting empire and changed the lives of hundreds of business owners just like you.

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