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I help Entrepreneurs & Driven Individuals get out of their own way to reach their potential in business & life!

M'Lisa Ellis

M’Lisa is the CEO of Spa Strong®, a consulting company for beauty professionals, which she co-founded in 2019 with her husband, Royal. Spa Strong® has opened the doors to M’Lisa becoming an author, public speaker, podcast host, social media influencer, and mentor to over a thousand business owners and their teams.

In Spa Strong® and beyond, M’Lisa uses her proven ACRE Method™ to help business owners build sustainable, profitable companies. She developed The ACRE Method™ after opening her first studio spa in 2014 and nearly losing her company within a few months due to not knowing how to properly run a business! Broke, scared, and living in her car in order to keep her studio’s doors open, M’Lisa had a massive wakeup call that pushed her to scratch the surface of her entrepreneurial potential. Within 2 years, she had built a thriving beauty business with multiple streams of revenue, over 95% client retention rate, and the beginnings of a second location in Los Angeles with plans for a third in San Francisco.

Her beauty business came to an abrupt end in January 2017 when she was forced to close her doors due to injuries sustained in a serious car accident. This led to months of recovery, after which M’Lisa took a major turn in her career and was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department and started the Police Academy in October 2017.

During her time in the Academy, M’Lisa truly found herself. She uncovered so many limiting beliefs and scarcity-based mentalities that had been holding her back her entire life, and she saw what she was truly capable of for the first time. At the top of her class, she believed she had found her calling in law enforcement. However, two-thirds of the way through the Academy, M’Lisa broke her foot and had to resign from the LAPD. Although heartbreaking, this injury led to her career in consulting.

By pushing herself to overcome struggles, setbacks, and mindset problems, M’Lisa has transformed her life, business, and view of herself. Her purpose in life is to use her potential to lift others and she can’t wait to help you unlock your own potential to achieve greater success and live an elevated life!

M'Lisa in her first spa studio in 2014

M'Lisa as a successful spa owner in 2016

The car accident that led to closing her spa in 2017

M'Lisa in the LAPD Police Academy in 2017

M'Lisa & Royal speaking in Vancouver, BC in 2023

M'Lisa & Royal with their pups Roman & Penny, 2021

The ACRE Method™

M'Lisa Ellis is rooted in her proven, four-step framework to help you "build your business on an ACRE". ACRE is an acronym that stands for Attraction, Conversion, Retention, Expansion.

Attraction: Learn to identify and attract your Ideal Client to you through effective branding, marketing, and visibility practices, both online and within your community.

Conversion: Build confidence through ethical sales practices and improve your service, retail, and package sales to provide your clients with the solutions they need.

Retention: It's not enough for a client to work with you only once. Learn what you need to do to keep clients coming back to you and referring their circle again and again.

Expansion: Ensure your systems and backend are working seamlessly then scale your business according to your goals, from introducing paid traffic to building your team.

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